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Danae in the MACq 01 Superior Waterfront Room, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, January 2018.


My goal here is to give you a unique, fresh blog that will WOW! you and make you smile, while delivering travel information by way of:

  • unusual and useful content including tips
  • personal trip recommendations
  • access to lots of great travel-related deals, and
  • the WILD CARD called WHAT THE..?! Travel Reviews. These compelling reviews relay the weird and improbable incidents that we have experienced by chance while on holidays. You can let me know how strange you think they are by voting in the WHAT THE..?! blog polls


The inspiration behind WHAT THE..?! Travel Reviews:

1) The WHAT THE..?! TV segment on the Rove Live show about weird stuff that viewers sent in to him, such as strange community signs, ads, and a slice of bread that had a very happy face.

2) The Marvel Comics WHAT THE..?! series  which parodied  the Marvel Universe and was billed as “The Marvel mag of mirth and mayhem”.

Similarly, The WHAT THE..?! encounters that my husband Jim and I have experienced on our trips have parodied (what I consider to be) “normal” events, invoking mirth and mayhem.

3) Our little getaway to Hobart Tasmania in early January 2018, which was the catalyst for WHAT THE..?! Travel Reviews. The trip was rife with WHAT THE..?! moments.

Upon reflection, I realised that the tingling thread of WHAT THE..?! was also running through our past few trips to Darwin, Vanuatu, and Greece.

We have experienced strange situations, occurrences, human behaviour, and bits of info at relatively normal holiday travel destinations. The WHAT THE..?!s have caught us completely by surprise and have left lasting impressions.

That’s why I’m compelled to share them with you along with some offbeat, handy travel info, genuine recommendations and top travel-related deals. Please take a moment to vote in the WHAT THE..?!s polls. I’d love to know whether you rate our WHAT THE..?!’s as Wow/Wonderful/Wacky/Worrying or a Whateva.

In fact, I’d like to know if you think it’s me who’s strange for classifying this stuff as weee-ird.


Danae wearing MACQ 01 robe

Is Danae the weird one?

Donning the MACq 01 “Storytelling Hotel” robe.Old-style map of Hobart hinterland in the hood.

You can buy a robe for $130AUD.

They’re very large and heavy – great for Winter – and have a touch of Assassins Creed and Cobra about them.

Wearing a pampering facial mask


Looking forward to your posts and WHAT THE..?! poll ratings! Stay tuned.

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We have happily used booking.com to arrange accommodation in destinations such as:

Minato, Tokyo, Japan, 2017 – Clean, modern, very friendly staff. Language barrier not an issue.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan – Top location near the Ikebukuro Station. Comfortable, clean, roomy, and enjoyable.

Osaka, Japan, 2017 – Small room, inexpensive, nothing amazing, but that’s what was we were looking for. Very good value.

Find cheap flights to Osaka via Skyscanner Australia!

Preveza, Greece, 2016 (far west, near Lefkada) – Can’t say enough good things about Dioni Boutique Hotel. It was perfect for us. My husband, Jim, kept congratulating me on my choice of accommodation. Amazing staff, gorgeous hotel, ATM within 10m, walking distance to the waterfront, taverns, shops, cafes, Satan’s Bazaar, and the foreshore further up. Buffet breakfasts on the rooftop with views.  My only quibble was the noise from the dogs that lived on a neighbouring property, but there are quieter rooms available on the other side.

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Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia, 2015 – Classy, clean, luxurious, spacious apartment. Central location. So much on offer within a short walk. We loved it and had fun at the cook-your-own authentic Korean BBQ restaurant around the corner.

Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, 2015 – The room was affordable, modest, clean, and comfortable. Lovely surrounding area and great location, just a block’s walk to the town’s main street.

Eden, New South Wales, Australia, 2015 – We really enjoyed our stay as a family at this motel. The room was large, in great condition, and comfortable for everyone. We had a room upstairs with an ocean view from our window. Friendly, family environment. Top location within walking distance to main streets, incl. pubs, restaurants etc. If you’d like to see the actual room we stayed in, click here and find the room with the red door.

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, 2015 – Modern, clean, comfortable room. Central location. Enjoyable stay.

Therefore, I can personally recommend using booking.com.

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Yes, more genuine travel recommendations, great travel info, and top travel deals coming your way! Plus WHAT THE..?! Travel Reviews and Polls on Vanuatu, Darwin, Greece, and more.

P.S.: Some of the blog photos/videos were taken before the travel blog idea came to mind, i.e. are not blog conscious. Also, there were several WHAT THE..?! moments that I should’ve captured (e.g. Boobarella on the MR1 Mona Roma Ferry! Drats! Jim said to ask her for a photo together, but I declined. I should’ve at least got one with her lounging in the background on the front ferry deck, boobs ahoy!) Anyway, will be more WHAT THE..?! photo conscious in future!

BTW…      WHAT THE..?!        

God with Garlic
WHAT THE..?! You can order God with garlic for just 9 euro at Satan’s Bazaar, Preveza


We mentioned to a few different friends that we were going to Hobart. I was surprised that their first response was are you going to Mona?

“Um, probably,” I replied to the first friend, NV, not that I knew anything about Mona. Rather, the way in which she’d asked the question had pulled that response out of me: NV was wide-eyed and her voice was low, yet abrupt, conveying that Mona was a strange spectacle and a case of Enter at Own Risk. I wasn’t sure whether I was bound to love Mona or not. Was Mona an on an island? Was she an island? Was Mona a weird and wonderful town nestled in a Tasmanian valley, covered in fairy lights?

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My Glass of Sparkling Wine Travelled 45cm by Itself!

MONA – Museum of Old and New Art – Berriedale Tasmania – is a pretty WHAT THE..?! place in its own right. However, Jim and I experienced this unexpected and unusual incident on Thursday 4th January 2018.

Before you think, yeah right, know that 1st February 2018 I received a confirmation email from Mona’s Communications Team, which can be found at the bottom of this post.

Not only that, I’m very happy to report that Mona published my two blog comments regarding the strange occurrence. You can find them in this post. Thanks, Mona!

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WHAT THE..?! No. 1

Psychic medium Rebeccah Rhodes

picks up on my moving glass at Mona


WHAT THE..?! No. 2

Spiritual healer Paul Carlson makes

Jim’s back pain disappear


WHAT THE..?! No. 3

Kristi Beams reads my aura photo

with startling accuracy and insight

Yep. A hat-trick of WHAT THE..?!s appeared out of nowhere and I’d like to know if you think they’re WHAT THE..?! worthy.

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