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1.  Captain Cool on the Mona Roma Ferry WHAT THE..?!

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 2. Mona Roma Ferry Ticket Tips Mona Roma Ferry Review - thumb up emoji


3.  We encounter Boobarella on the Mona Roma FerryWHAT THE..?!

Mona Roma Ferry Review - emojis

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Hobart Things to See - Republic Bar Quality & Service counter

There’s heaps to see and do in Hobart.

The first thing you’ll do in Hobart is see history all around you. The second thing you’ll do is feel it.

From my Melbourne perspective, Hobart is a delightful “dollhouse” city. This is because so many buildings there are refreshingly low with carefully preserved facades that whisk you away to yesteryear. So, most of the sights you’ll see and the activities you’ll do in Hobart will have the backdrop of a rich, historical setting.

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While you’re seeing and doing in historical Hobart, you can also lap up the creamy luxury that the city has to offer you.

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