MACq 01 Cocky Billet Superior Waterfront Room


MACq 01 Hotel, Hobart?

You might be thinking oh, ANOTHER Hobart WHAT THE..?! Travel Review, but as I’ve mentioned our Hobart trip in early January 2018 was rife with WHAT THE..?! moments. Therefore, I’d like to share this last one that happened to us at MACq 01 Hotel before I move onto Vanuatu, Darwin, Greece, and Japan.


Besides, the quirky and stylish MACq 01 Hotel is a unique, luxury hotel with plenty of personality that in my opinion deserves a featured review. Also, it’s one of’s TOP HOBART PICKS and “RATED BEST VALUE IN HOBART.


Enjoying the wharf outside MACq 01 "Story Telling" Hotel
Outside MACq 01 Hotel

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Republic Bar Quality & Service

There’s heaps to see and do in Hobart.

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Get immersed in the history…

From my Melbourne perspective, Hobart is a delightful “dollhouse” city in which the many of the buildings are refreshingly low with carefully preserved facades that whisk you away to yesteryear. 

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…and the luxury

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