Port Phillip Bay birds social distancing


Port Phillip Bay photo above: Sandringham Yacht Club. Despite lockdown and the danger of prosecution these birds wouldn’t keep off Port Phillip Bay or wear masks, but they did adhere to social distancing.

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Welcome! This Port Phillip Bay Home Delivery post is your scenic trip out on Melbourne’s bay with us. Enjoy.

If you’d like to see some of the fish we’ve caught, find out our fishing tips and see the fish we’ve caught turn into food, go to the post Port Phillip Bay Fishing Fun.


In this Port Phillip Bay Home Delivery post you’ll:

  • Get what the Port Phillip Bay blues was like for the thousands of Bay-crazy Melburnians during around 4 months of COVID-19 lockdown
  • Check the Victorian state government’s COVID-19 Bay restrictions as from 9/11/20
  • See our pics of beautiful Port Phillip Bay from Jim’s boat
  • Read My Port Phillip Bay review
Danae at Black Rock beach, Melbourne
Danae at Black Rock beach overlooking a deserted Port Phillip Bay during Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions. (Thanks to my cousin Sam for making the mask.)

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After further easing of Melbourne’s COVID restrictions, Port Phillip Bay is now accessible to all Melburnians and fishing on Port Phillip Bay has come back to life! Hooray! This is especially great news for the snapper fisher-people because snapper season started in September.

So, to celebrate, this Port Phillip Bay fishing post is going to let you know about the awesome fishing to be had on the Bay including Jim’s fishing tips. Also see our fish turn into food. Get inspired!

However, if you can’t get to Port Phillip Bay right now, don’t despair because you’ll get a big piece of the beautiful Bay into you just by reading on.

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Guess where hubby Jim is as I write this post. Out a-lookin’ to catch him some gars and snapper!


Thank goodness because Jim was starting to whirlpool without any Port Phillip Bay fishing for so long. Not only that, but on the day that restrictions eased he went to take off in his boat and discovered that it had seized up due to inactivity for all those idle months! Consequently, the boat had to go in for repairs, keeping Jim from the Bay for another couple of weeks. Ohhh!

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