We mentioned to a few different friends that we were going to Hobart. To my surprise, each immediate reply was are you going to MONA? 

“Probably,” I replied to the first friend, NV, not that I knew anything about MONA. Rather, the way in which she’d asked the question had pulled that response out of me: NV was wide-eyed and her voice was low, yet abrupt, which conveyed to me that MONA was a strange spectacle and a case of Enter at Own Risk.

I wasn’t sure whether I was bound to love MONA or not. Was MONA an on an island? Was she an island? Or a dystopian town nestled in a Tasmanian valley, covered in fairy lights?

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My glass of sparkling wine travelled across our table by itself in Faro Tapas Bar!

MONA, Tasmania is a pretty WHAT THE..?! place in its own right. However,¬†Jim and I¬†experienced this unexpected¬†and unusual incident on Thursday 4th January 2018 in MONA’s Faro Tapas Bar.

Before you think, yeah right, know that 1st February 2018 I received a confirmation email from MONA’s Communications Team, which¬†can be found at¬†the bottom of this post.

Not only that,¬†I’m very happy to report that MONA published my two blog comments regarding the strange occurrence. You can find them in this post too. Thanks, MONA!

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Danae's aura photo

WHAT THE..?! No. 1

Psychic medium Rebeccah Rhodes picks up on my moving glass at MONA


WHAT THE..?! No. 2

Spiritual healer Paul Carlson makes Jim’s back pain disappear


WHAT THE..?! No. 3

Kristi Beams reads my aura photo with startling accuracy and insight 

Plus, vote in three WHAT THE..?! blog polls!


Yep. A hat-trick of WHAT THE..?!s appeared out of nowhere and I’d like to know if you think they’re WHAT THE..?! worthy.

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MACq 01 Cocky Billet Superior Waterfront Room


MACq 01 Hotel, Hobart?

You might be thinking oh, ANOTHER¬†Hobart WHAT THE..?! Travel Review, but as I’ve mentioned our Hobart trip in early January 2018 was rife with WHAT THE..?! moments. Therefore, I’d like to share this last one that happened to us at MACq 01 Hotel before I move onto Vanuatu, Darwin, Greece, and Japan.


Besides, the quirky and stylish MACq 01 Hotel is a unique, luxury hotel with plenty of personality¬†that in my opinion deserves a featured review. Also, it’s one of booking.com’s TOP HOBART PICKS and “RATED BEST VALUE IN HOBART.


Enjoying the wharf outside MACq 01 "Story Telling" Hotel
Outside MACq 01 Hotel

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Republic Bar Quality & Service

There’s heaps to see and do in Hobart.

N.B.: Bold green words are links (but not this sentence ūüėČ ) and mobile phone landscape viewing’s best.¬†

Get immersed in the history…

From my Melbourne perspective, Hobart is a delightful “dollhouse” city in which the many of the buildings are refreshingly low with carefully preserved facades that whisk you away to yesteryear.¬†

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…and the luxury

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