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Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a self-published Australian author who lives in Bayside Melbourne, Australia and the proud mum of identical twin men. Jim is my hero husband and we’ve been together for over thirty years (WHAT THE..?! Where did that go?)

I enjoy fine dining and going to the gym (fortunately). Favourite gym classes are Step, Zumba, Pilates, and Body Balance. I’m missing my routine with COVID-19 hanging around.

Also, I like quiet time selecting books decades or even a century old at the second-hand bookshop called Bound Words near Brighton (Hampton St, Hampton, Victoria) .

I love travelling (obviously) and writing about the interesting, quirky, and unexpected experiences that happen to us on our trips – those incidents that are baffling, serendipitous, and defy  the odds of occurring. I call them WHAT THE..?!s .

I adore WHAT THE..?!s and so part of my travel blog features WHAT THE..?! Travel Reviews where I share this weird stuff with you.

Travelling is a buzz, isn’t it? It’s an adrenaline rush to ensure that you’re on time and ready for departure, to land in an unfamiliar place, learn how to get around, and then venture out further.

Travelling makes us come alive, bombards us with new stimuli, and throws us into unusual situations.

Everything is new and exciting when you’re doing it in a foreign place – even going to the supermarket (especially in another country)!

It’s like you become a child again, looking with fresh eyes at the world. Things leap out that strike you as different, intriguing, creative, and you see other ways of approaching life.

I’m very excited to connect with you via Travel, an area that we both lurve to lurve.


I was thrilled with the audience’s response to my Trip Over with Danae blog launch at Mentone Public Library on 22nd September 2018.

I was the Captain of the flight during the event and Julia Reichstein (Library Events Officer) and Tony Brooker (Library President) were the unsuspecting flight attendants.

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There were lots of giggles, ooohs! and aaahs! from my “passengers” as we made a non-stop flight from the Library to Hobart, Darwin, Vanuatu, and Greece.

We circled around Hobart a few times – and I had to wing it a bit – but thankfully no-one needed air sick bags!

Thank you to all the supporters on the day who rated my WHAT THE..?! travel encounters by voting manually in twelve WHAT THE..?! Blog Polls.

It was great to get their feedback and add their votes to the site.

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Also, thank you so much to Terri and Derek who wrote in to Mentone Public Library after the event:

Absolutely delightful presentation by your author Danae…alias “Captain, – plus – extremely – able 1st Officer – and stalwart crew member, Tony”.

Derek and I enjoyed every minute.

“Captain” Danae not only held our interest with her animated story telling – but we are – still chucklingwonderful, wonderful.

Thank you so much Julia, Tony & your new volunteer.

…would you mind passing on to her (Danae) our congratulations on an outstanding performance and for the joy and laughter – she gave us.

Warm regards,Terri & Derek


My response to Mentone Public Library:

Thank you for passing on Terri and Derek’s very kind and very rewarding feedback. I’m thoroughly stoked!

I was hoping to create a bit of library joy and laughter!

I’m so glad that Terri and Derek enjoyed the event and I’m thrilled that they’re still chuckling. That is an absolute bonus for me. Wonderful!

Also, I was delighted when they wanted me to continue on despite the time. It really made my day.

I hope Terri and Derek subscribe to the blog to receive notice of new story posts, because it would be my pleasure to provide them with ongoing chuckles.?

Thanks again, Mentone Public Library, for your generous opportunity.

Kind regards, Danae

You can find out more about me, my publications, and speaking events at Mentone Public Library by visiting my author website at danae-andrea.com .