WHAT THE..?! at Faro Tapas Bar, MONA

About MONA’s Faro Tapas Bar

Faro Tapas Bar lies at the end of the MONA adventure in the newest wing called Pharos. By the way, MONAMuseum of Old and New Art and it’s located in Berriedale, Tasmania.

MONA’s Faro Tapas Bar Revives Me

Faro Tapas Bar resuscitated me after exploring the dark depths of MONA for hours.

The reason for this is that when you enter Faro Tapas Bar the sudden panoramic explosion of natural light, free-flowing space, and view of land and water zaps you like a defibrillator. You’re compelled to inhale deeply and snap out of the dazed consciousness you had in the tunnels of MONA.

However, I didn’t foresee that we were about to have a bizarre and unexplained experience in Faro Tapas Bar that was going to leave me breathless. To find out what happened, keep reading.

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Danae's aura photo


Psychic medium Rebeccah Rhodes picks up on my moving glass at MONA



Spiritual healer Paul Carlson makes Jim’s back pain disappear



Kristi Beams reads my aura photo with startling accuracy and insight 

Plus, vote in three WHAT THE..?! blog polls!


Yep. A hat-trick of WHAT THE..?!s appeared out of nowhere at Hobart Psychic Expo and I’d like to know if you think they’re WHAT THE..?! worthy.

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Yeehaaa! Tasmania’s borders are open again! So keep this list of Hobart things to see and do handy for when you head down to the awesome Apple Isle. Going there for Christmas or in the New Year? Well, there’s even a section in this post on things to see and do in Hobart over the festive season.

However, if you feel like ducking over to Tassie right now then simply bite into this juicy blog about the things we saw and did while in Hobart. (We’re foodies.) Plus get some travel inspiration from a few other places we’ve been to around Tasmania. 

In this “Hobart Things to See and Do” post you’ll get:
  • The feels for Hobart’s rich history
  • Insight into Hobart’s activities, sights and sumptuous style
  • A taste of Hobart’s hive of creativity
  • What you can see and do in Hobart during Christmas/New Year
  • Things to see and do there all year ’round
  • A selection of stuff we’ve seen and done around the greater state of Tasmania


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